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Did you know that ASL is the 3rd most commonly used language in the US? 

Course Highlights:

State Standards

Developed to meet ACTFL, and state standards


Covers everything students need to understand deaf etiquette

Culture & Community

Describes various aspects of Deaf culture, providing a glimpse into the rich and varied Deaf community


Deaf educators fluent in ASL and English serve as subject matter experts. They consult on course development, accuracy, instructions and respectful depiction of the Deaf community and Deaf culture. They teach American Sign Language and hold Master’s degrees from Gallaudet University

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Why Choose eDynamic Learning?  Our Courses Are Designed For Success

Clean, engaging design leads students through the material easily.

 And, as always, eDynamic Learning courses promise:

Hassle-Free LMS Integration

Our courses are compatible with your current learning  management system. We ensure that each course is 100% compatible  with every LMS available. If you are not currently using a learning  management system, we will provide one.

Increase Student Enrollment

Our 100+ career and elective course options help you reach out  to more students. Our low delivery costs allow you to offer current,  interesting, flexible classes that will retain current students and  attract new students looking for something different — without  having to invest in new infrastructure.

Flexible Teacher Implementation

Each course includes a detailed teacher guide and access to  our support team for any questions that arise. As a teacher-founded company, we know the importance of easy-to-use teacher guides that allow for more meaningful student-teacher interactions.

Engage Students

You will be able to offer courses that engage your students in  meaningful ways and improve their educational experience within  your school program. Our courses offer students the opportunity
to customize their learning experience, engage socially and  intellectually, and achieve academic excellence.

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Email Us
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eDynamic Learning is North America's largest provider of career and elective courses with a catalog of 100 + easy to implement courses that can be used in a blended or fully online environment. Designed to help keep students engaged, to ignite their passions, and to prepare them with the knowledge they need to make life-shaping college and career decisions. 

Introducing... American Sign Language 1 and 2

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Students Learn from Deaf individuals who use ASL every day!

More than 700  videos featuring dialogs between Deaf individuals. Paced to allow learners to follow and to mirror the signs

Opportunities for Practice

Student experience using the language with spiraling activities

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